Teaching as Ministry Workshop

Have you driven home from school on a wild Friday and taken a second look at the help wanted sign outside a doughnut shop? The good news and the bad news about teaching is that it can make you a saint! Let this workshop for teachers renew and refresh you so you can fall in love again with your vocation. Teaching at its best is a ministry because so many young people need an adult to listen, an adult to care. Teaching as a ministry is important to students, but it also prevents teacher burnout.

The subjects we teach are important, and we want to teach them with excellence. Yet, if ever "the medium is the message," it's in our classrooms. Students learn most, not from what we say, but from who we are. We are the message that they learn. And a loving teacher can help them define, or redefine, who they are. What more important lesson can we teach?

This presentation includes practical teacher tips, positive discipline ideas, and guided imagery to inspire you. It is based on my many years in the classroom as well as my experience providing spiritual direction for teachers.

 Responses to Teaching Workshop:

"Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us last weekend. Your gentleness and your quiet wisdom have sustained me on my worst days.”  S.B.

''I was able to identify issues that have been heavy on my heart for so long and was able to let go.'' L.C.

"Your deep insights and relaxing guided imagery will always be cherished in my heart.”   J.C.T.

"You were very insightful. The presentation and questions inspired wonderful, intelligent conversations in my group."  J.O.



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