My Story

My life is more than a compilation of activities, endeavors, and events. My life has happened under the surface of such things, in the secret of my heart. But that's another story. Here's just a bit of my resume, the what, where, and when.

I graduated with a B.S. in Education from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, and in 1997, at the University of Dallas, I earned a master of theological studies degree with a major in pastoral care. For two decades, I was a theology teacher, retreat leader, and spiritual director in Dallas. Over time, more than 2,000 high school students learned about Scripture, prayer, and the art of living in my classes. Based on what the students taught me as well as on my volunteer work in elementary religion classrooms, I developed and taught a course on imparting the faith to youth for catechism teachers and university students at the Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies Program, University of Dallas.

I also developed and taught a course on guided meditation and weight loss for Brookhaven Community College. I love motivational speaking, especially talking to groups about all matters spiritual.

My devotions are published in Pearls of Promise, an anthology of devotionals (2013). My articles have appeared in Sun Rays, a local monthly magazine, and my talks were included in Conversations, a quarterly once circulated in educational communities worldwide.

My husband and I live in Georgetown, Texas, close to our wonderful family. I'm continually blessed by my role as a lay chaplain, receiving far more from those I serve than I am able to give. See some of my current workshop offerings here


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