Helping Children Grow
In Their Love for Jesus

I spent over two decades teaching youth, 5 to 18, about Jesus. I’ve been a spiritual director for teens for just as long, hearing about their spiritual welfare and warfare. Tragically, for some teens, Jesus is more of a religious idea to explore than a real person to lean on and love. Concepts of Christ are not enough to support kids as they try to keep their sanity in our very secular society.

This workshop for parents teaches the principles of faith formation, principles I taught in the course I developed for the Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies at the University of Dallas. The evening will help you discover what works and what doesn’t in faith formation at different stages of your child’s development. We’ll look at how to handle your child’s questions and how to deal with your child’s doubts. (One element of faith is doubt. Doubting shows your child is taking what they’ve heard about God seriously.) This evening presentation will prepare you to prepare your child to accept the greatest gift of all—faith.

One of the most effective ways to help children establish a relationship with Christ is to make Christ real in their lives as early as possible, and one of the most potent methods of doing that is through helping them Step into Scripture as often as you can. You can click here to read more about that. You’ll link to a Scriptural story that you can use to help your child take the first step into THE BOOK, which earned that name for a reason. Children can learn early to value Scripture. All you need do is ask your child to allow their eyes to close and to imagine they are part of the story.

My workshop for parents is adaptable to your group’s needs. Contact me for more information. God bless you on the exciting journey of parenting. God chose you to be your child’s most important teacher. Childhood is fleeting, but its lessons last a lifetime.