Life from My Window

Life from My Window is an apt description of the two writings I’ve posted on this site, The Encounter and Teaching as Ministry. Every word I write or share with audiences reflects what I see of God, the world, myself, or others from my own perspective, my own window.

At times I've seen through a fractured window or darkened glass. At times my view has been brightly lit by streaming sunshine. On occasion I've looked with blurred vision through a window because a treasured door in my life has closed. I'm blessed to have glimpsed life through the windows of great minds and mystics who have preceded or accompany me on this earthly dip into time. I’m blessed to have seen firsthand the love of God through good people, through nature, through the window of my soul.

I'd love to open a window for you. I can’t really tell you anything “new.” But maybe I can help you remember a truth you’ve always known deep inside. I pray that whatever I write will help you live the truths within you.

May you know the absolute joy of having God and of wanting more of him; of being content in his peace, yet, paradoxically, having an unquenchable thirst for a deeper union. Since God's always seeking a deeper union with you.


 © 2019 Sally Metzger