More Spiritual Exercises:
Discernment and the Examen

How often do you need to make a decision, and absolutely NEED to make the right one? Ever wish God would just send you an email or a text giving you some good advice? It would be helpful to see what the Source of all wisdom says even in smaller matters.

In this workshop, I’ll share some of St. Ignatius’ “rules of discernment” with you. I sometimes think if modern people climb the steep, treacherous mountain path seeking wisdom, they’ll find good old, 16th century St. Ignatius sitting at its peak with his “Discernment Here” flag already in place.

A second element of St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises involves learning the lessons of life while you’re still living. If you’d rather not figure things out time and time again, and rather not find yourself making the same mistakes over and over, you will love St. Ignatius’ Examen. The Examen is a life changer and a life savor.

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