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Hi. I'm glad you're visiting. I think of myself as a gardener of souls who loves to see others bloom spiritually. In my own life, I've found that when I'm seeking God, or growth in my relationship with God, my days are richer and deeper. I hope something on this site will be helpful to you in your desire to live your life with purpose, enthusiasm, and peace.  I wish you all the best!


My Mission My Story

Sally Metzger, M.T.S., Author and Speaker
After almost thirty years of accompanying children, youth, and adults on their faith journeys, I am still amazed at how uniquely and intimately God reaches out to each of us.

My Mission My Story

Testimonials for Workshops

''This weekend I got back in touch with my real self and my deepest desires. I gained so much more personal freedom and courage ... I felt a deeper peace than I've experienced in years...Sally's kindness and sincere empathy meant so much to me.'' P.J.

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Life from My Window

What I share reflects what I see from my perspective, my own window on life. I hope something that I write will help you remember what you've always known and live the truth within you.


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Talks & Workshops

I currently offer two workshops: An Evening with Christ, for those who love Scripture or wish they did; and Teaching as Ministry, for those who love teaching, or wish they did. In our prayer and in our work, may we grow in the joy of having God with us and of longing for more intimacy with Him!

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Stepping into Scripture

If we merely read about Jesus calming the sea, we miss the boat. But if we use our imaginations to experience the assault of the wet wind, the rocking of the boat, and Jesus bringing utter calm to the waves with one command, the biblical story comes alive as never before. If you'd like to enter a Scripture story, here is a brief How-To.

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"In the world you will have tribulation. But be of good cheer.

I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).